PyCON 2011 (Part 3)

After the big conference days the sprints days started. I was surprised by how many people actually stayed for the sprints. There were literally docens of people hacking together grouped by projects. It’s amazing how passionate are some people about programming and how they enjoy sharing this with each other. That includes me, of course.

I’ve been at the PySAML2 sprint with Roland Hedberg and a couple of guys from Zeomega: Baiju M and Chris Austin. It has been a real pleasure to work with this gang. During the nights I hanged out with them and also Brad Allen and other guys from the Texas Python group.

Roland teaching SAML to the Zeomega guys

We managed to clean a lot of stuff at PySAML2, to release a new version, to improve the djangosaml2 package and to start making a Zope2 product for it.

Baiju and me are sprinting, don't you see?

One of these nights we went to a place where there were some good jazz music live. Ireally enjoyed the food, the music and the company of Chris and Baiju.

Today I did some tourism with Baiju and we went to the Atlanta Aquarium and the museum about Coca Cola. I did knew Baiju before since I translated his great book about the Zope Component Architecture but I never meet him in real life. He is a very good developer but also a really nice person. I’m glad I got to spend some time with him.

I’ve also meet other people here at PyCON. Here is just a brief list, sorry if I miss somebody:

  • Jeff Rush, a consultant and Zope lover. Very nice guy.
  • Laurens Van Houtven, my roommate and a cool guy that hacks on the Twisted project and has different slepping habbits than me :-)
  • Sylvia Candelaria, a very smart lady who knows about free software, linguistics, Spain, India and a whole lotta more things. I just talked to her during a lunch but she just blowed my mind with her wisdom.
  • Ralph Bean, a guy who was working on an open goverment website during the sprints. He was interested on my work on SAML stuff
  • Luke Macken, a Fedora hacker
  • Jordan Sissel, a guy who works for logglya nice service about logging with very cool stickers.

Other people I met but I can’t recall their names include people from bitbucket, from eldarion, from linode, and many more!

Well, I guess that’s all I have to say about PyCON 2011 but I’m probably forgetting lots of things since it has been a very exciting week for me. I hope I can make it next year at Santa Clara!

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  1. "El" Montero says:

    Me lo acabo de leer enterico, los 3 posts, que yo también tengo un patrón de sueño jodido. Se ve que te ha cundido. ¡Buen viaje de vuelta!

  2. la prima says:

    amazing…by the way, I had no idea you were away but hope to see U soon around here…as soon as 10th april…were you giving the talks? or attending them?? muuuuac

  3. lgs says:

    @la prima: Yes! I’ll see you at Valencia :-)

    Btw, I wasn’t giving any talk, just attending them and working at the sprints (working sessions) after them. This was my first PyCON. I hope I can get something approved for next year.

  4. I just found this post today. PySAML2 and djangosaml2 both appear to provide Service Point behavior, not Identity Provider behavior, right?

    I’m working on both IdP and SP. You can run my demo (very crude) at:

    There seems to be a lot of fragmentation in the Python/Django community around SAML 2.0. I’d love to team up.

  5. lgs says:

    @John: djangosaml2 does not provide IdP behavior but PySAML2 actually does. It’s fairly basic but you can find it in the examples directory. Bear in mind that writing a full featured IdP is quite a complex task and there are a few very good open source ones as you probably know.

    I’ve seen your demos and are very cool and educational. I like how you take the user step by step through all the process explaining what is happening at each step.

    I agree that there are fragmentation but as for the low level library I think PySAML2 is much more complete than PySAML, which is nice but very basic. For Django, I’d love to collaborate with you and write a good SP. As I mentioned before, I’m not interested on writing an IdP at the moment.

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